Dr Robert McLeod, D.V.M.

Medical Director

Dr McLeod's Bio

Dr Mcleod was born in Victoria, BC and grew up in Victoria, Ottawa, and Whitehorse. After completing high school at Spectrum Community School in Victoria, he attended UVic and UBC, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology. He became inspired to be a veterinarian while working on a dairy farm in Tsawwassen, BC and graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon in 1990.

Dr McLeod practiced medicine in Swift Current, SK and Comox, BC before he moved to Creston to join Dr Dave Perrin, who was the founder of Creston Veterinary Hospital, and who later retired to write the Country Vet Series. In Dr McLeod’s many years of practice, he’s developed a special interest in dairy medicine and orthopedic surgery.

Dr McLeod is an avid aviator! He uses this vehicle to bring veterinary care to remote clients and it also serves as an air ambulance. He volunteers his time with the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association, CASARA, and plays hockey as a goaltender with the Creston Old Timers. Dr McLeod’s two children, Kathleen and Alexandra, both attend the University of Calgary and major in Education and Business respectively. He has 3 dogs: Zeke, the Lab Pointer (master of the ball flinger), Kona, the crazy Lab (mischief and mice hunting specialist), and Piper, the photogenic border collie. He also has 3 cats; Ruckus (so named because he made such a fuss when he strayed into the veterinary clinic) and two other 3-legged cats that take care of his hangar, Lucy and Elvis. These two are awesome mousers despite their handicaps!

Dr McLeod is passionate about making Creston Veterinary Hospital responsive to community needs. He has been committed to the Creston Valley since he first arrived in 1993, becoming co-owner in 1996 and noting that the community required a veterinarian who could handle all species. It requires a continuous veterinary emergency presence and he is proud that he has been able to offer that. Creston Veterinary Hospital has grown significantly over the years and now requires several veterinarians to lighten the load. He continues to mentor the younger veterinarians as a payback to the community and profession he loves.

Dr Aiyanna Hoogsteen, D.V.M.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr Hoogsteen's Bio

Dr Aiyanna Hoogsteen was born and raised in Brantford, Ontario, where she knew from a young age that she wanted to become a veterinarian. She spent much of her spare time working at a dairy farm, horseback riding, and volunteering at local clinics. Aiyanna studied Animal Biology at the University of Guelph before being accepted into the Ontario Veterinary College in 2017.

During her studies, Aiyanna completed a 3-month placement in Kenya through Veterinarians Without Borders, where she traveled to local farms and taught smallholder dairy farmers about cow nutrition, disease prevention, and calf care. She also worked in the OVC Large Animal Hospital, caring for everything from horses to pigs to alpacas, which fostered her passion for equine medicine.

In 2020, Aiyanna first came to Creston to work as a student intern at Creston Veterinary Hospital. After four months, she had fallen in love with the valley, the community, and the clinic, so she is ecstatic to be back and starting her veterinary career at CVH!

Aiyanna loves the day-to-day variety that comes with working in a mixed animal practice and is eager to get to know the people and animals of Creston. She is especially interested in equine medicine, small animal surgery, and pain management. She is also a Fear Free Certified veterinarian and so strives to make every pet’s visit to the hospital as fun and stress-free as possible.

Aiyanna has three cats that stayed with her family in Ontario: Pumpkin, a sassy ginger tabby who is the queen of the house, and Mercury and Minerva, a brother-sister duo who are as cute as they are mischievous! While Aiyanna is sad not to have her kitties with her, she knows it won’t be long before she finds a fluffy companion to share her home with here as well!

When not at work, Aiyanna likes to spend time in the great outdoors – hiking, camping, paddle boarding, and kayaking. In the evenings, she can be found connecting with friends and family or curled up with a good book. Aiyanna is excited to become part of the community and looks forward to exploring Creston and the surrounding areas to enjoy all that BC has to offer!

Belinda B.

Assistant Practice Manager & Inventory Manager

Belinda's Bio
Born and raised in Coastal BC, Belinda started her career in the animal industry in 1998 as a certified Veterinary Assistant. Although she enjoyed some exciting years as a business owner and instructor in the beauty and movie industry, when the opportunity arose, she leapt at the chance to pursue her lifelong dream of working with animals.

Over the years, she pursued further education and training in different aspects of the animal hospital to widen her knowledge of the practice as a whole. Her training expanded into reception, client care, canine rehabilitation and hydrotherapy, alternative modalities, nutrition, and weight management. Eventually, she became more involved with fundraising events, administrative duties, managerial/team leadership roles, and practice evaluation.

If asked what she thought was her greatest accomplishment in her career, it would have to be her participation in small animal rescue. Since early childhood, Belinda was known for bringing home all sorts of stray and injured animals. As an adult, she was able to contribute more to their care from lobbying the government to fostering and helping to find many happy, forever homes. Her children were raised to love and respect all animals and were also actively involved in helping to care for the menagerie of rescues over the years.

It wasn’t long after becoming a client at our hospital that Belinda soon found herself “back in the saddle”. Believing strongly in the human-animal bond, i t wasn’t long after becoming a client at our hospital that Belinda soon found herself “back in the saddle”. Belinda most enjoys following-up on the care of our patients by answering or directing any questions or concerns, working as a liaison for our busy doctors and technicians if needed.

Having limited experience with large animals, she is very excited to be learning about our beautiful valley’s large animal clientele as well. So much so, that she is now hoping to rescue a few goats and possibly a donkey or a Llama (or two)!

At last count, Belinda shares her home with 2 beautiful rescue dogs; DeDe, a rambunctious and snuggly Boxer mix and Todd, a mischievous Blue Heeler; 3 demanding senior cats, Mr. Biggs, Granny Smith, and Tabitha; one dog-loving, 3-legged cat named Vincent; one young plant-eating cat named Brady; 7 pet chickens; and 13 pet turkeys (yes, they all have names too!).

Steve J.

Reception Team Leader

Steve's Bio
Steve Jacques was born and raised in Ontario, near the Tiny Beaches at the south end of Georgian Bay. In his early 20’s he spent a few years living in the Toronto area, studying the marine industry and working as a junior officer on cargo and oil ships transiting from the great lakes to the east coast.

Several months after the start of the covid-19 pandemic, Steve and his partner Marcus decided to move away from the city. They visited Creston BC and loved the mountains so much they made it their new home. Steve had many pets growing up and always wanted to work with animals but never had the chance, so he joined the team at Creston Vet Hospital as a receptionist. He enjoys working with people, contributing to the community, and strongly believes that animals make our lives better. His role as a receptionist involves booking appointments, filling prescriptions, answering the emergency phone line, and getting bags of dog food down from the top shelves where no one else can reach. Although he has no background in veterinary medicine, he hopes to use the other skills he has developed to help the people and animals of this town.

The other members of Steve’s family are a 3-year-old savannah cat named Cody who also bravely made the cross-country trip on the move from Ontario to BC, and soon to be a new puppy who was born here in Creston. His partner works from home as an IT director for a consulting company based out of New York. Steve has several pastimes which include hiking, canoeing, gardening and woodworking, as well as cooking and baking sweet treats for his friends and neighbors. In the coming years Steve and Marcus hope to have a small orchard and maybe 1, 2 or 10 more animals to love.

Amber F.

Office Assistant

Amber's Bio
Amber was born and raised in the Creston Valley. Although she has moved a lot in her adult life, she always comes back to her roots. Amber has always been intrigued by animals and her adventurous soul kept her in nature searching for wildlife. She has a soft heart and is usually in the company of one of her rescues.

Amber started her employment with the clinic in 2015 as a Call Centre Attendant, then moved from Creston for a year and upon her return, the clinic welcomed her back as an Office Assistant. Her tasks include billing, typing up SOP’s, and other important office errands and responsibilities. Ambers attention to detail, professionalism, and pleasant demeanour help our clinic run more efficiently.

Amber shares her home with her fiancé, Rory, his children part time, their rescue dog, Sally, and their rescue cat, Chloe. Amber also stays busy helping her brother and sister in law on their farm. Raising pigs and chickens for food, feeding and caring for goats and horses and learning the ways of farming and self-sustainability. She takes pleasure in hiking the many mountains we have in the area, walking her dog, Sally, scenic drives with no destination, creating recipes, and spending time with her family and friends.

Kate H.

Assistant Reception Team Leader

Kate's Bio
Kate was born in Creston and this is where she and her husband, Sean, raised their three children together and where they are fortunate enough to watch their grandchild grow-up, too. Throughout her childhood and to this day, Kate has never been able to turn away from a stray or injured animal, which is why she’s in her element at Creston Veterinary Hospital and such an integral part of our team.

Kate began working as a Receptionist in 2011 and has grown in her role over the years, taking on many different responsibilities. From scheduling appointments to filling prescriptions, maintaining medical records, and relaying important information amongst the veterinary team, Kate is always attentive to our clients and pets needs.

At home, Kate has four dogs; Molly, 11, Bailey, 10, Abby, 8, and Sophie 6, and eight cats; Nugget, Cali, Annabelle, Lucy, Reggie, Gabby, Sylvester and Deck. Yes, Kate has what you might call a small zoo, but she has an extraordinarily big heart and finds it difficult to say “no” to animals in need. In her spare time, you can find Kate walking, hiking, and swimming throughout the valley, usually with her family in tow.

Kayla O.

Assistant Reception Team Leader

Kayla's Bio
Born and raised in Creston and currently residing in the small community of Wynndel, Kayla lives with her husband, TJ, and their three furry family members; 9 year old Denali, a bossy German Shepherd, 6 year old Finn, a laid back, long-haired tabby, and 1 one year old Sawyer, a playful rescue pup.

Ever since Kayla can remember, the daily operations of a veterinary clinic have held fond memories for her. With her mother working alongside Dr. Keith Marling, she was fortunate enough to experience just how extraordinary the veterinary field is. With a keen willingness to learn, Kayla would help her mother with weekend kennel cleaning and after-hours patient care, and upon graduation from high school, Kayla took a position as a receptionist at the Kootenay Animal Clinic. This role helped her to build a strong foundation of customer service skills and allowed her to continue to serve the people and animals of the valley until the retirement of Dr. Marling in 2009.

Kayla joined the Creston Veterinary Hospital in November 2018 as one of our Call Centre Attendants and is now eagerly and skillfully transitioning to a position with our Reception team.

During her days off, Kayla enjoys time with her family, goes on pack walks with her friends, camps and boats on Kootenay Lake!

Marla D.


Marla's Bio
Marla and her husband Perc moved to Creston in 2020, happy to be out of Calgary’s big city and enjoy the beautiful weather and growing options the valley has to offer. Along with them came their 12-year-old labradoodle, Smudge ‘The Wonder-dog.’ They were excited when both of their sons, along with their families, joined them here not long after, looking to put down roots in the valley as well. Marla is Granny to six grandchildren, and seeing them all the time brings great joy to her life.

Marla has had many and varied jobs over the years, but common themes in all of them have been administration and efficiency and caring for people both at happy times in their lives and in the tough times. The Creston Veterinary Hospital has provided the perfect opportunity to combine each of these skills. Working in reception and the call center allows Marla to be the productive and organized person she naturally is. At the same time, working in the clinic offers the chance to celebrate new life and milestones with the clients and come alongside them in the difficult time of loss that inevitably comes to all pet owners.

Outside of work, Marla and Perc will be looking to find their forever home where they can host their family and friends, plant a garden full of fruit, veggies, and flowers, maybe get a few chickens, and explore God’s beautiful creation here in the valley. When winter comes, you’ll find Marla reading, knitting, playing piano, playing games, and hanging on the couch with Perc watching movies.

Rhonda K

Rhonda K.


Rhonda's Bio
Rhonda started out in Creston as an education assistant for School District 8, but after doing that for many years she felt she needed a change. Then along came the Creston Vet opportunity. As a receptionist, she gets to see kitties and puppies coming through the clinic every day – an excellent stress-reliever! The clients, patients and staff at the Vet Clinic make going to work every day a pleasure.

Rhonda grew up in the lower mainland and couldn’t wait to leave! After traveling the world, she finally settled to raise her daughter, Katie, in Nelson BC. Then came a man! After becoming an early empty-nester (Katie moved to London, UK), Rhonda moved to Creston to be with now husband Doug. Rhonda encouraged Doug (an avid dog-lover) to adopt two beautiful husky-labs, Moose and Gracie. Moose and Gracie are northern rescues, Moose from Yellowknife and Gracie from Kugluktuk Nunavut. While they may be husky crosses, in the 8 years since we got them, they’ve become wussy hearth-huskies. They’re very lovey-dovey!

Rhonda’s favourite inside activity is reading… everything. Especially crime novels, but peppered with literature and general fiction. Outside, she loves walking the dogs and sitting around a bonfire, gazing at the lovely mountain view from her house. Gardening is a favourite spring/summer activity. There are always far too many tomatoes to know what to do with!

After starting at the Clinic, Rhonda started sending pictures of cute puppies to Doug. While she knew a puppy was out of the question (our seniors would not stand for it), along came Cilla. Cilla is a 13-year-old Great Pyrenees who needed to be rescued. She is now the newest member of their family, much to the other beasts’ chagrin! Life is good!

Megan H.

Call Centre Attendant, Receptionist

Megan's Bio
Megan is one of the first team members you will speak with when you call or visit the Creston Veterinary Hospital. A long-time Alto in the Blossom Valley Singers, Meg’s other hobbies include making jewelry, playing the piano and ukulele, and getting out to explore the fantastic surroundings of this area. Her husband and herself love swimming and walking in the warm months, and snowshoeing and cross country skiing in the cold. She met Stephen while teaching English in South Korea, and the two have been travelling the world since. While living in Australia, Meg had the chance to help in an animal sanctuary in Tasmania, helping to rehabilitate and release injured wildlife.

Having been raised in Creston, Megan was keen to return to this beautiful valley. Her family has always taken in creatures in need, and while working at the veterinary hospital she fell in love with (and adopted) Cricket, the 3-legged, half-tail cat. She looks forward to helping you with your animal friends.

Katelyn S., R.V.T.

Hospital Team Lead, Registered Veterinary Technologist

Katelyn's Bio
Fear Free Certified
Originally from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Katelyn fell in love with animal care while grooming part-time in high school. After moving to Halifax and taking a year of Makeup Artistry and Design, she was accepted into Dalhousie Agricultural College for Veterinary Technology, beginning her journey towards a career in veterinary medicine.

Katelyn began working in the field during her final semester of technical school and instantly recognized a family of people who shared in the same enthusiasm for caretaking. Drawn to the relationships built with clients and patients alike, she knew this was exactly what she wanted out of a career and to this day, it is what she loves most about being a Veterinary Technician.

Katelyn graduated in April of 2017 and discovered a keen interest in nutrition, homeopathic medicine, and small animal behaviour and training while she worked part-time at Full Circle Veterinary Alternatives. This experience also broadened her knowledge of home prepared and raw diets, essential oils, and homeopathic methods. Katelyn is a proud Fear Free Certified Veterinary Professional and uses these skills to look after a pet’s emotional wellbeing, in addition to their physical wellbeing, which allows her to provide her patients with the most inclusive healthcare possible.

“I love educating clients and sharing my experiences of my own Shih Tzu, Kida, who struggles with separation anxiety, a heart condition, and mild allergies”.

Katelyn moved across Canada in December 2018 with her boyfriend, Jeremy, their 2 cats, Nala and Oliver, and Shih Tzu, Kida, and thrilled to call Creston their new home. In her free time, Katelyn enjoys walking the local trails with her little family, drawing portraits, reading, and playing the occasional video game.

Robyn B

Robyn B.


Robyn's Bio
Robyn grew up in Smithers, B.C, and spent the next 6 years travelling Canada, Europe, and South America, to finally find her home in Creston. Her plans were to be here temporarily while taking care of family, but she quickly fell in love with the valley and decided to stay for a little while…that was seven years ago! In the warmer times of the year, you can find Robyn swimming, disc golfing and camping, while during the winter she’s off skiing, snowshoeing and playing music with her friends and family.

Robyn started working at the clinic in July of 2021, after a career in retail management, and has two rescue kitties, Scruffy and Stripey. 

Lyn V., R.V.T

Marketing Coordinator, Registered Veterinary Technologist

Lyn's Bio
Fear Free Certified

Lyn moved to the valley to join our team in 2018 after spending 5 years working in a small animal hospital and canine rehabilitation practice on Vancouver Island. She completed her 3rd year of Animal Health Technology with Thompson Rivers University at Creston Veterinary Hospital while under the mentorship of Dr. McLeod and the RVT team. She attributes many of her academic successes to the lessons learned at Creston Vet and could not have jumped into the world of large animal medicine without such a strong support network. Lyn loves goats, camelids (llamas/Alpacas), poultry, and dairy cows and looks forward to expanding her medical knowledge on these species in the future.

Lyn has a passion for all animals, but a special place in her heart for exotic species, such as reptiles and pocket pets. This was demonstrated in 2014 when she opened “Scritches Rat Rescue;” A Victoria-based rescue dedicated to the health and wellness of domesticated rats. With Scritches Rat Rescue she had the opportunity to become a published writer, featured in West Coast Veterinary Magazine, featuring her work with rescues and the difficulties financial limitations can pose on the care of rescue animals. Lyn continues to expand her knowledge of exotic pets through continuing education but has recently shifted her focus to “Emergency and Critical Care” as well as “Mental Health and Wellness” to bring more knowledge to the community about depression and suicide in the veterinary industry. 

Lyn spent 2 years living in the beautiful Creston Valley before having to return back to the lower mainland. We are very lucky to have been able to keep her on the team as she supports our RVT’s and administrative staff through her remote work. When not working Lyn and her husband, Pascal, can be found hiking, kayaking, camping, and exploring their way around B.C. They dream of being able to drive across Canada one day and go on some LONG hiking and kayaking trips but their many pets think they should probably just stay home and cuddle…. Their house is home to 2 very spoiled rescue cats, 1 rescue bearded dragon, and the recent addition of a Russian dwarf hamster named “Hamlet.”

Lyn has moved to the Creston Valley with her husband Pascal, 3 cats (Penny, Moose, and Odo), and 1 Bearded Dragon (Elon). So far, they have enjoyed the breathtaking views and a number of outdoor hikes that Creston and the surrounding communities have to offer and they look forward to continuing to hike, kayak, paddleboard, canoe, and camp their away around this beautiful valley. Lyn and Pascal have visited Iceland to admire its extensive hot springs and most recently visited Australia, where they experienced their first cageless dive with sharks. YIKES! The two said they wouldn’t trade that experience for anything else in the world and that it really opened their eyes to how magnificent these often-misunderstood creatures are. When not adventuring abroad or exploring what home has to offer, the couple enjoys being creative. Lyn enjoys drawing, painting, and photography, while her husband enjoys building scale models of steamships and historical replicas. Although new to the valley, they are excited to live in a town that embraces artists and outdoor adventurists so fondly and they look forward to the many new memories they will create in the years to come.

Tanya S., R.V.T.

Registered Veterinary Technologist

Tanya's Bio
Tanya Schobert joined the team at Creston Veterinary Hospital in June 2020. She graduated too many years ago to count but has a young at heart attitude that does not tire easily. After working in Manitoba at the Winkler and Morden Veterinary Clinics for over 25 years, she decided that a new start in the warm Creston Valley would be a lovely way to say good-bye to the province of extremes (and that goes for weather, bugs and ticks!).

After her initial visit to Creston, convincing the family to move wasn’t hard! Packing and moving within a month was a whirlwind, but so worth the effort. Tanya, her family, and their pack; an American bully named “Havana,” a one-eyed cat named “Sparrow” and two Quarter Horses, “Lincoln and Rosie” are all settled in now!

Being an RVT is not for everyone. The work expectancy of a “tech” is 5-7 years, and, like any other job, some days present a few challenges. However, Tanya maintains that the team and clinic culture is what can make or break it. It’s not just the brilliant weather that attracted her to Creston, but the incredible work ethic, warmth and compassion that each member of the team exudes. Tanya loves puppy and kitten snuggles, but she counts herself fortunate to have found such a close-knit and caring team to work alongside.

Tanya is especially looking forward to meeting everyone in the Valley and working with their companions. Visiting and listening to clients’ stories, and ensuring that pet ownership is mutually rewarding for all parties, is her most cherished role. She says her “job” as a technician is to maximize client education, empathy, and be a voice for all creatures, big and small. Tanya would like to take this opportunity to thank the community in advance for entrusting her with their animals care.

Shaelyn B

Shaelyn B.


Shaelyn's Bio
Shaelyn has always had an affinity for her home province. Though after high school she worked and traveled throughout Europe, she always had a desire to come home; and in 2021 Shaelyn and her partner both decided it was time to make the big move back.

After graduating with a degree in Wildlife Biology and Conservation Management in 2020. Shaelyn is now looking to channel her love for animals in every aspect of her assistant receptionist role, while also exploring various areas of the veterinary field in which she could further her education. As practical hands-on care for animals was the aspect of her degree she loved the most.

Though Shaelyn does not have any pets of yet, she is on the hunt and is looking to find the right fit to make her little family complete, with a menagerie of animals sure to follow suit. During her free time, Shaelyn likes hiking while identifying plants and foraging for mushrooms when the seasons right, gardening, and anything crafty.

Rochelle C., R.V.T.

Recruitment Coordinator, Registered Veterinary Technologist

Rochelle's Bio
Rochelle always knew she would pursue a career working with animals. She grew up in Canmore, AB, where wildlife sightings are commonplace. Driven by her curiosity and inclination to nurture, Rochelle became infatuated with the creatures she encountered and made numerous attempts to connect with them on some level. Naturally, she was an enthusiastic science student, excelling at Biology, which she later studied at Capilano University in Vancouver. It was during this time that she had the fortunate opportunity to volunteer with both the Bamfield Marine Science Centre and the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Association.

Rochelle began working at the Creston Veterinary Hospital in the summer of 2014 as a Veterinary Assistant, returning to school in the fall to complete her final year of Animal Health studies at Lakeland College in Vermilion, AB. Upon graduation, she gained valuable work experience at a 24-hour emergency and specialty practice in the Okanagan, where she achieved her R.V.T. designation after successfully writing a national licensing exam in July of 2015 and has since returned to work for Dr. McLeod full-time.

Since her arrival, Rochelle has taken on many roles. From student to Veterinary Technician to Hospital Director, she now spearheads our marketing and recruiting endeavours. This assignment provides a welcome change from her technical skill set, allowing her to creatively bridge the gap between our veterinary services and the communities needs.

Rochelle enjoys gallivanting outdoors with her partner, Jeremy, their two rescue pups; Daisy and Jo-Jo, and their soon to be, newborn son. Rochelle has already begun her maternity leave, and together, they look forward to becoming humble students. They especially can’t wait to introduce their little man to all of their favourite Kootenay activities, like hiking, camping, swimming, and snowboarding.

Rochelle will be on maternity leave until September 2021 as she welcomes her first child, Owen!

Tara H., R.V.T.

Registered Veterinary Technologist

Tara's Bio
Tara has had a love for animals since a young age and they have been a big part of her life ever since. She first volunteered with our clinic in her last year of high school, though she pursued a long and rewarding career with Creston Fire Rescue before rejoining the team at Creston Veterinary Hospital in 2002.

While working as an assistant, Tara began studying for her diploma in Animal Health Technology through the Thompson Rivers University Distance Education program. With the support from Dr. McLeod and her amazing coworkers, she received the hands-on experience necessary to graduate and became a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2010. Tara enjoys the fact that Creston Veterinary Hospital is a mixed animal practice because throughout the day her patients may be large or small, and as result, the years in practice have never been boring.

Outside of work, Tara enjoys many adventurous outdoor activities, exercising, and camping with family and friends. Tara shares her home with husband, Mark, son, Caelan, and their favourite fur-buddies, LadyBug, a Border Collie/Lab cross, Percy Blackstone, a black and white DSH cat, and their newest addition, Zeus, the Blue Heeler puppy.

Carrie U., R.V.T.

Registered Veterinary Technologist

Carrie's Bio
Carrie graduated from the Animal Health Technology program at Lakeland College in Vermilion, AB in 2005. She moved to the Creston Valley with her husband, Steve, and their two young boys in the summer of 2014. After a brief hiatus to raise her growing family, Carrie returned to the veterinary field and joined the team at Creston Veterinary Hospital in 2016. Carrie especially loves the variety of patients she helps treat; from domesticated cats and dogs to more exotic species like owls, turtles, alpacas, and even a bald eagle.

It’s been difficult not to take home every stray animal that comes through the clinic and Carrie has shown great restraint; however, last year they adopted Reggie, a very loving Golden Retriever mix. As it turns out, good things come to those who wait, because he could not have been a more perfect fit for their family. Outside of work, Carrie enjoys a variety of sports which include hockey (go Jets!), slow pitch, golf, and a rekindled passion for rock climbing. Carrie looks forward to helping you and your fur-family very soon!

Katelyn B

Katelyn B., R.V.T.

Registered Veterinary Technologist

Katelyn B.'s Bio
Katelyn B is a new-to-us technician hailing from Antigonish, Nova Scotia. 
Katelyn graduated from Dalhousie University in April 2019 with a diploma in Veterinary Technology. She moved to Fort McMurray (fresh out of school), passed her national exams, and worked with a small animal practice for her initial 2.5 years of being an RVT. This is where she found her passion for treating non-ambulatory patients, as well as a burgeoning interest in animal rehabilitation. 

Katelyn has called Creston Valley her home since November 2021 and has already fallen in love with the town and its people. She lives at home with her partner Guillaume, two stepchildren and two cats (Lucy and Kolby). In her spare time, she enjoys going for drives, walking dogs, exploring the town, playing with her cats and playing video games on her PS4. Having just left Fort McMurray she is also enjoying having a warm (in comparison) winter!

Amanda B.

Junior Veterinary Technologist

Amanda's Bio
Born and raised in Creston, BC, Amanda has always had a love for animals. She began attending Equine 4-H at 8 years of age, and when she turned 13, she started to become more interested in barrel racing, travelling around to do so. Amanda graduated from Prince Charles Secondary School in January 2014 and moved to Alberta to work at a horse breeding facility in small town
Bassano, Alberta, where she gained experience in artificial insemination, stallion handling, and semen collection.

Amanda moved back to Creston in the fall of 2014 to work at Overwaitea Foods before joining our team in October 2016. Amanda has grown immensely during this time, both professionally and personally, which is evident in the meticulous care of her patients and ever-growing responsibilities. Her new role as a Veterinary Technician Trainee requires her to help with billing,
client communication, lab diagnostics, and on-call rotations with the veterinarian. Amanda enjoys all aspects of her job but has a special interest in small animal dentistry.

Amanda shares her life with Cajun, a Jack Russel Terrier who was born in their family home in Creston, 9 years ago, and Linc, the newest addition, a bright and playful Red Heeler puppy. Together, they are very active, love to play fetch (it’s all about the ball), and enthusiastically follow Amanda on her many adventures. Amanda also cares for her barrel horse, an 11-year-old Quarter Horse mare named Jess.

Hiking, walking with her dogs, dirt biking, hunting, fishing, and riding horses are among Amanda’s favourite outdoor pursuits. As an avid barrel racer, she has won the purse on several occasions and even won a saddle in 2016. Amanda is looking forward to barrel racing this summer and starting agility with her puppy, Linc, before she heads to school to pursue an education at Olds College to become a Veterinary Technician. We are so excited for her future!

Alexandra H.

Junior Veterinary Technologist

Alexandra's Bio
With an agricultural background, Alex knew from a very young age that she wanted to work with animals. She grew up in the Creston Valley playing soccer and participating in the local 4-H clubs with equine, dairy and photography projects and acquired her first horse, Sterling, when she was just nine years old. After high school, Alex attended Lethbridge College for three years, where she completed two Agricultural Technology diplomas, majoring in both Plant and Soil Science and Animal Science, all while competing with the Lethbridge College Kodiaks Women’s Soccer team.

Throughout the years, Alexandra has enjoyed learning about the dairy industry and spent many summers working as a farm-hand and milker at Mountain Valley Dairy, in addition to working at several fruit stands and farms throughout the valley. In 2018, she worked in Kamloops as a Parent Seed Summer Associate with BASF and Bayer Crop Science, gaining valuable work experience in the Canola industry. While Alexandra certainly enjoyed studying plant agriculture, she maintains that her passion is working with animals, particularly farm animals, and has since returned to her hometown of Creston to work with Creston Veterinary Hospital. Alex joined the team in November 2018 and is thoroughly enjoying her transition into the field of veterinary medicine.

A life-long learner, Alexandra has recently completed a certificate course in Agricultural Business Risk Management and is working towards becoming a veterinary technologist through Thompson Rivers University. The 3-year Animal Health Technology (AHT) distance program commences in January 2020 and will allow Alex to obtain the theoretical portion of her training by distance education while gaining clinical experience at Creston Veterinary Hospital.

In her spare time, Alex enjoys taking photos of our beautiful valley, playing with her dogs Orsa, the Maremma Sheepdog, and Charlie, the Collie cross, as well as working with her horses, Sterling, the Fjord, and Ariel and Cookie, both quarter horses. She continues to play recreational soccer and also works to expand her family farm business, Haygan Farms. She hopes that one day it will become fully self-sustainable, with a small Jersey herd, beef cattle, and chickens.

Kristi R.

Veterinary Assistant

Kristi's Bio
Bio coming soon!

Laura J.

Veterinary Assistant

Laura's Bio
In August, Laura Johnston started working as a veterinary assistant at Creston Veterinary Hospital and is enjoying this new workplace. She just moved to Creston from Lumsden, Saskatchewan, in July. After a career as an elementary school teacher, working part-time with animals has been an excellent fit. She worked in a veterinary clinic in Saskatchewan and has been grateful to continue working as an assistant here. She enjoys interacting with dogs and cats and helping to care for their needs. As well as church involvement, she is looking forward to getting to know the community more and making more connections.

She has two grown married children and a lovely granddaughter, all of whom live in Saskatchewan.
She and her husband share their home with a five-year-old border collie mix, Katie.

Alexandra M.

Veterinary Assistant

Alexandra's Bio

Alexandra is a Veterinary Assistant in Creston, BC. She has lived in Creston, BC, all her life and is proud to call it her home. Alexandra graduated from Prince Charles Secondary School back in 2019 and has worked at the Creston District Community Complex for various jobs since 2014. Alexandra has taken multiple first aid courses to further her education to help others.

Animals have always added a special something to her everyday life. She has loved animals ever since she was little. She has the passion and love to make sure all animals are safe and taken care of, and ready to live happy and healthy lives. Alexandra is passionate about taking care of and helping everyone in need. She loves the emotions and personality that animals have and the comfort that animals bring her.

She has 2 older brothers, a twin sister, 2 loving parents, and 2 pets. A sassy, chaotic, and playful, red Siberian husky named Jersey, and a cuddly, dramatic grey cat named Rowdy(named after Toronto Blue Jays player Rowdy Tellez). Both Jersey and Rowdy are always very jealous of each other. In her free time, she likes to hang out with her family and friends, hike, hang out and cuddle with her pets, and she loves taking her puppy for walks and running around with her in any field. She loves all things sports, such as playing, coaching, and watching. She plays numerous sports such as hockey, soccer, competitive swimming, volleyball, and the occasional baseball/softball.

Tessa C.

Veterinary Assistant

Tessa's Bio
Tessa was born and raised in the beautiful Creston Valley and loves calling it “home”. She has been an animal lover all of her life and has a passion for helping those in need. Tessa began working with horses after joining 4-H at the age of 12. She was then employed at Creston Flats Stables & the Therapeutic Riding Centre before landing her current role as a Veterinary Assistant at Creston Veterinary Hospital in 2015. As a Veterinary Assistant, Tessa assists with surgical preparation, farm calls, patient care, equipment sterilization, hospital cleaning, and numerous other duties. Tessa thoroughly enjoys her role at the clinic and is considering the idea of furthering her education in the veterinary field to enable her to delve deeper into all this career has to offer.

Tessa is part of a large blended family that all have varied careers and interests in retail, esthetics, sales, nursing, and construction. Tessa; however, has found her joy in animals! Tessa got her first horse when she was 13 and has been devoted to riding and training “Izzy” ever since. In May 2018 “Izzy” had her own baby and now Tessa is working with “Jupiter”, the feisty filly who’s growing very large, very quickly. Tessa loves horseback riding, hiking, swimming, and most outdoor activities that Creston has to offer.

Sara B

Sara B.

Veterinary Assistant

Sara's Bio
Sara grew up in a small farming community in Northern BC. Her childhood dream was to be a veterinarian, and she could often be found volunteering at local veterinary clinics and animal shelters.

Sara was actively involved in 4H club. Her rabbit “Jelly Bean” won many blue ribbons and when she was 12 she raised and showed grand champion pig “Doc”.

In her early 20’s Sara relocated to Edmonton Alberta. Shortly after she began working at the Edmonton Humane Society as an animal adoption specialists and medical assistant. She found great joy in finding animals their “Forever Home” and working with animals that often came from difficult backgrounds.

In 2014 she left the Humane Society and moved to Creston to be closer to her parents and start her own family. She worked at several restaurants in the valley until she began working as an assistant at Creston Veterinary Hospital in 2021. She hopes to begin her schooling to become a Certified Veterinary Technician soon.

Sara also works part time for an innovative farming company called LOOP, based out of Dawson Creek that helps reduce food waste from grocery stores and repurposes it to animal feed and fertilizer.

In her free time Sara enjoys hiking and exploring the Kootenays with handsome Hank the Pitbull, and Staffordshire Terrier siblings Luna and Duke.

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