Let’s honour your pet together.

It’s never easy to lose a beloved pet. Please know that our team is always here if you need to talk. We’ll get through this difficult time together. Use the form below to submit a photo and your favorite memory of your time with your companion. We’d love to share it on our website.

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Abbey or how I spelled it Abby, was a great cat, also called the Beast….she was always demanding treats or me turning on the water tap or trying to trip me when I was walking. She would lay on my lap or next to me in bed at night. She hated to be combed, had to wear work gloves. Miss her already…

Sir Locksley

Sir Locksley was born Dec15th 2010 and became our first baby, our fur baby in February 2011. I wasn’t sure I wanted a puppy what with starting a new job theweek prior. We weren’t really bonding too well at first. I found out I had miscarried and had come home from work crying. I was sitting on the floor, he had just finished eating his dinner. This little piglet wondered up to me and curled up on my lap and lay his chin on my chest and whimpered. We were inseparable ever since. He became this beef cake, skate boarding, hiking machine. He wasn’t afraid of anything and was also the friendliest creature to human, dogs or cats. Always a social butterfly and adventuresome.. He travelled on the road with us to from AB to AZ, and flew on airplanes too, seeing the world. He often had these pig/cat sounding conversations with people. He was there for us having our own babies and always gentle and kind. Through all the genetic bulldog illness’ he had throughout the years, he remained happy, loyal and loving. Our friends often said he would’ve died years ago but our love for him and his for us kept him alive. They said he wouldn’t live more than a year. He was 11 yrs old when we had to make the decision, crossing the rainbow bridge March 2022. He had a real zest for life even when in horrible pain at times, and as he got older as well. Bursting with energy and unconditional love. Thank you Creston Valley Vet for allowing us the space and time to say goodbye, for your kindness and understanding.
Sir Locksley Dec 2010 – March 2022

BIZZY 2008—2020

Biz you were the most sweetest girl! Our hearts are broken. You gave us so much joy. Rest easy sweet girl and one day we will see you again!


Griz was a big dog with a big personality to match, never have another like him, miss you bud!!

Flash - July 12, 2001 - Dec 26, 2017.

Flash was the kindest and gentlest cat I’ve ever known and he could never get enough loving to suit him. He will have a place in our hearts forever.

Timber 1998 - 2009

You left so suddenly that we didn’t have have the opportunity to say thank you for the happiness you brought into our family.
May you run free until we meet again 💕


Our Max was the best easy going gentleman. He welcomed and trained many kitty and puppy brother and sisters. It was so hard loosing him but the wonderful staff at the CVH made that transition bearable. The staff at CVH are forever part of our family.

Xena, 2006 - 2017

Xena. Forever loved. 2006 ~ 2017


Handsome Spencer, till we meet again, run free old man.

Cloe, Nov 8, 2001 - Oct 19, 2018

Cloe was a rescue dog from the age of 2 on & was the best companion you could ever ask for. She brightened my life for 15 years. Will always remember her. Thanks to the staff at Creston Valley Vet Clinic she lived a good long life.


Where do I start…tough lil guy but one of my biggest cuddle bugs ever! Miss him every single day!

Axyl, October 23, 2017

Miss ya Buddy

Punky, 2000-2016


Jade, July 3, 2018


Stormy, July 6, 2018


Zoey, June 2018


Sadie Ann, Feb 14, 2006 - March 22, 2014

Best friend

Bowser, 2004 - August 31, 2018


Yoda, August 30th 2018


Teddy Bear, September 5, 2018


Missy, 2004 - 2016


Rhody, November 2011 - June 2015


Belle, April 2006 - February 2019

Belle was a sweet dog, she loved to be the centre of everything and was never unkind, even when in pain. She loved her food and loved to play but also adored just cuddling on anyone’s lap. She is sorely missed.


As she lay there in the sun peacefully she looked up at him and said “please don’t ever forget me, remember the good times we have had. All the walks in the meadows, the morning scratches, road trips together and love and laughter.
Thank you for the best life ever.”

Her eyes started to close it was time for her to go and he whispered in her ear “You are my lovely girl and I will always remember you, I will never forget you I don’t think I could if I tried. What joy you brought to our lives, you have made us laugh, you have made us cry…rest peacefully lovely girl goodbye”.


Gentle, sweet, and a heck of a good mouser and ratter! Never will be forgotten.

Big Jake

Big Jake crossed the rainbow bridge suddenly on May 27th, 2020 at 13 yo. This little guy was the heart of our home for many years and he loved us, with his whole body and soul, whether we deserved it or not! Will love and miss him forever….


Tuli (Firestorm’s Flashpoint); Finnish Spitz; May 8, 2008 – March 11, 2020 – From a young long and skinny Houdini to a soft and fuzzy couch potato teddy bear, Tuli will always live in our hearts. Many thanks to all the staff at CVH for their care and compassion.


We rescued Kaya from PAWS and brought her home on December 23, 2017. She was scared of everything and very anxious, but she loved her human mom more than anyone on earth ever has. She loved toys, her sister Sasha, her family, her bed, and cookies. She left us way too soon and we miss her every single day.

Callie Grant, March 3, 2018-August 24, 2019

Taken from us far too soon, love you our little wiggle ❤

Dawson and Jazzy

Dawson the dog and Jazzy cat. Both were rescues and amazing pets. They loved each other pretty much from the time they met, I posted a video to the Creston Veterinary Hospital facebook site but this page uses pictures only. Dawson passed away at 16 and Jazzy had contracted feline leukemia from her mother either before she was born or not long thereafter, showing no signs of illness prior. She was approximately 2 when she suddenly got very sick and an emergency trip to the vet confirmed leukemia and we had to say goodbye leaving us totally heartbroken. They will live in our hearts forever.

Shorty and Larry

This is Shorty and Larry brothers from another mother. They were my babies, my everything. I miss them every day. They are forever in my heart.

Tucker Olson, Oct 20 2014 - Jan 29 2018

Miss him every day 💕🐾

Jake, 2006-2014

Still missed and forever loved

Smokey, March 1999 - November 2008

Miss my lil snuggle bunny

Little Larry, May 12 2012 - March 29 2018

Forever loved and remembered 🐾🐾

Cosmo, June 2004 - August 2018


Pebbles Loftus, 2001 - March 10, 2018


Soleil, April 2001 - June 2018


Pax, 2010 - 2018

My Boy

C-fur, 1997 - June 4, 2012


Simba, 2002 - 2018


Mindy, February 2, 1992 - July 23, 2008

Always loved, always missed. 

Jaxon, Feb 14, 2017


Pumpkin aka P

You adopted us and we happily took you in. Our lives were better because you were part of our pack. We love you very much and will miss you forever.


This is Boo. He has been gone for a month now. He is truly missed.

Trevor 2018 - 2019

For me the love was instant that’s why I adopted Trevor and his brother Streak. Trevor was a happy chappy who loved cuddles in the morning on the deck, trying to eat toes, greeting us when we came home and teasing our dogs.

He touched our hearts and has left us with many fond memories. We loved him and miss him. Thank you Trevor for being part of our family.

Oliver, March 15 2007 - February 14 2018

Oliver was our best buddy for ten years. We miss him terribly, but he was a great inspiration to our whole family for allowing another dog to rescue us!


This is Linus…his life was short but in that short time he really touched our lives. He loved walks w us and the dogs, coffee on the deck w his fav human and cuddles. We loved him.

Kalie Lynne, June 1 2018

Our beautiful wolfdog

Thor, May 2007 - April 2018

Miss you so much big guy :'(

Spy AKA Bubba, June 9, 2006 - August 10, 2018


Miracle, 2007 - 2017


Tater, 2003 - 2010


Mindy, July 12, 2018


Cookie, 2006-2017


Briggs, 2009 - 2017


Kipling, August 4, 2017

Very much loved and missed


Alec, June 5, 2018




Goobers, June 2003 - December 2016



We were so lucky to have him

Bella, March 2008-February 2019

My Bella, so sweet and gentle. I miss you so much.

Ridge “Papa”, Feb 5/09 - Sept 10/18